What is art?

In my opinion  art is the process through which one works to extract a feeling or concept. An artist is the one who has synthesized experiences so that the process of making art delivers that feeling or that content into a form that others can see hear touch smell or in some way experience for themselves ; the form is handed over to the viewer for further evolution 

Art is an experience like all other human experience, in dialogue, not in isolation.

A work has life as a consequence of both the actions of the maker and the senses and mind of the viewer.


Art transforms with every set of eyes that fall upon it.

In my studio practice I am aware that the work I produce, ultimately does not belong to me as it will find life and evolve in the capable care of its viewers.

May 21 2016

A few months back I encountered an image on the internet that stopped me in my tracks. I quickly shared the image with my wife whose talisman was a stag. We were both in awe of this grand sculpture which was positioned in the center of a spare gallery, and some light emanated from inside of him or above him. I cannot tell you specifics about this piece. And that is curious to me and also enlightening. I felt the gestalt of the piece without a careful accounting of its details.  In fact the piece struck me so profoundly I could hardly bare to continue to look at it. I can see the stag in my mind's eye, I see him often. The photograph was taken at an angle which allowed the viewer to be in eye to eye contact the animal. So my glance toward him was equal to his glance toward me. We took each other in. What I can tell you is that the stag's body was rising, piece by piece into the air. Something, was it birds or butterflies? I don't know, something was transforming. His huge powerful body was turning into many tiny, ephemeral creatures. It was if I had caught him in the middle of his enlightenment. I felt like he was becoming spirit right before my eyes. I felt the connection between him and my wife. Why? Because she told me she had been visited by a stag, in  meditation and in a dream. She told me a stag was her spirit guide. She told me she felt a strong connection. I didn't get it.  But that changed when i came across this sculpture. Her words  and my reaction to this work all came together in an AhHa!.

In that moment so much changed. I realized that my love of and desire for making art, had fallen away; that image of the buck snapped me out of my free-fall, and snapped me back in love again. For this I am so grateful. I realized too that when your love tells you she has found her talisman, you should listen with all your senses, not just shake your head and smile. For this too I am grateful.

I am going to search the internet for a photo of this beautiful piece of work. I am ready to look at it more closely now.