These works are made using traditional etching techniques.  They begin with a copper plate upon which I apply an asphaltum ground. Using very sharp tools a make my composition my scoring lightly into the asphaltum ground. The the plate is suberged into an acid bath and wherever i made a mark in the ground the acid etches a groove into the copper plate. The amount of time the plate is in the bath determines the depth of the groove and consequently the tone of the line in the final print. Paper and press are prepared, the plate is inked and the paper laid onto the plate and rolled slowly between a very heavy steel roler and the palte bed pushing the paper into the grooves created during the etching process. Voila the paper is pulled off the plate and a print is born. That's the short story. The ETCHINGS are the made using copper or zinc plates. The process involves creating a composition directly on the plate, by either gauging the surface with a series of very sharp tools or scratching through a very thin tar ground that has been rolled onto the plate to enable the conventional etching process. These works are LIMITED EDITIONS, most often they are pulled prints with no introduction of color after the print is pulled. Some however I hand paint after for part of each edition.